Monday, November 17, 2008

I have been waiting about a month now to post our latest news. Every time I started to post an update here, I decided to wait because I thought we would have more information soon. But, the information we have been waiting for still has not come, and as our anxiety level builds I decided now would be a good time to post this information because we need some prayer support.

We are in the process of accepting the referral of a baby girl in Liberia. She is now about 9 months old. This is not at all what we expected when we began this process, yet at the same time it is very clear that God has guided us to this place. We are waiting now for more paperwork from Liberia regarding her medical exam and social history. We cannot finalize this referral until we receive this paperwork and we cannot move forward with this adoption until the referral is finalized. So, we wait. I feel completely powerless, because I am. I can do nothing right now to help this child that we have made room for in our hearts.

So, friends, we ask for your prayers. Please pray for our family as we wait, and more importantly, please pray for the baby girl we hope to bring home soon.