Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm posting today to specifically ask for your prayers for our family, our daughter, and the children of Liberia. It seems as though things are beginning to move forward, which direction they are moving is yet to be seen. However, at this point in time we welcome movement in any direction. You see, the unknown is what makes this all so very difficult. The Liberian legislature is in the process of passing the new Children's Bill. My understanding is that this is the bill which will outline the new guidelines for adoption. According to the President's address in January, adoptions were suspended only until these guidelines were put into place. We do not know the details of the bill, which means we do not know yet how this will effect our ability to bring Nana home. I have spoken with Diana at Alliance for Children today and she is in the process of trying to find out these details for us. I am incredibly grateful for Diana. If you ever decide to begin an international adoption, I would strongly recommend working through an agency rather than working independently. Diana works hard to protect our family and we are so thankful for her help.

For the last few weeks we heard nothing from Liberia. This made it much easier to just wait. Now things are moving to some degree and my mind and heart get caught up in all this again. What we need is peace in our home. We need God's peace, to rest in His timing.

Thank you.

Friday, March 27, 2009

We were at the zoo today and noticed that some strange things were happening with the elephants. They were in different locations than they usually are and the pregnant elephant was lying down alone with another elephant standing guard by her. I kept commenting to Eric about how strange it all was. Now I know why. We left the zoo around 1:30, at 2:35 the baby was born. Elephants are pregnant for about 650 days. In some strange way, I feel like I can relate. In case you are wondering, we started this adoption 17 months ago.

Here's a link to an article about the new baby elephant.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pray the Devil Back to Hell

Last night five of us went to see Pray the Devil Back to Hell. It's hard to even know what to say. Inspiring is the first word that comes to mind, although that does not even begin give this film the credit it deserves. Liberia's story simply captures your heart, and this story that follows the incredible Women's Peace movement to end a 14 year civil war is simply amazing.

I wish I had other adoption news to share with you. I don't.

Friday, March 6, 2009

"Here is your sweetie and she is doing great. She continues on the
medicines. Will send the medical to Diana soon. Trying to walk
holding on to care giver Happy and just beautiful."

This came in an email from Patty Anglin today. Four pictures were also attached!
As you can imagine, this made my day.