Monday, September 15, 2008

Just to keep you up to speed on the progress with adoptions in's another update we received. By the way, the hearing that was supposed to take place on September 8th did not take place.

12 September 2008

Dear Families and Friends of Acres of Hope,

I was able to speak with Patty a bit late last night and she was very positive about recent developments in Liberia , subsequent to the meeting with the President's representatives.

The legislature has reminded the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare that adoptions are to take place under the old law, which remains in effect until the new one is in place. They urged the Ministry to find a way to continue processing adoptions efficiently and without fraud or abuse.

The Ministry responded by attending to the case histories of the special needs children in the Acres of Hope Liberia Adoption Program. These cases are expected to move swiftly and smoothly from this point forward, with other cases following soon.

Please persevere in prayer for all of this. As always, updates will be published here as news is available.

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