Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Just a quick update on where we are in this process. Our application and check for our homestudy were sent in on Monday. Lighthouse and Adoption by Gentle Care were able to work out an agreement and so Gentle Care will begin our home study process shortly. This is really happening. Now this dream of ours, that we believe was given to us by God, is on its way to becoming a reality. The home study makes me nervous and I'm ready to be on the other side of it. I always get nervous trying to explain who we are as a family and why we do what we do. This is probably because I honestly feel like we are criticized often by people who don't understand our choices. Now I have to explain our family to a complete stranger. But, this step is necessary and so we'll begin praying now for the grace we need to complete it. Another reason we need it done is that we can not begin applying for grants until it is completed.

How you can pray for our family...
Pray that the social worker assigned to do our home study is a good match for our family.

Pray for the financing of this adoption. Riley and I have been talking a lot about Jesus feeding the 5,000. He believes with his whole little heart that God will multiply our money in the same way. I want that kind of child like faith.

Pray that we will have wisdom as we continue to work on paper work and begin to gather the documents we need for our dossier.

Most importantly, pray for the children of Liberia. Pray for the care givers at the orphanage. Pray for those who are in leadership at Acres of Hope and Lighthouse Adoptions. We have heard that a large number of children are almost ready to be referred to families. We are not far enough along in this process to be one of those families, but pray for these children and the families they will be matched with.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

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