Friday, December 14, 2007

Our home study packet came in the mail today. wow. It's really overwhelming, but it's time to push forward with this as quickly as possible. We have been assigned a social worker, her name is Denise. According to the letter that accompanied the packet, she should be contacting us shortly to set up our home visits. Hopefully "shortly" means Monday. So, we are also going to pay our dossier fee to Lighthouse and then we can begin aggressively working on our dossier while we are working on our home study. Many of the documents we will need to gather for our home study are needed for our dossier as well.

I had a dream about our children in Liberia last night. We went to pick them up, but we were told they weren't ready and we had to come home. It was devastating.

As I have been preparing for Christmas this year, I have thought often about what Christmas might look like next year. Maybe there will be two extra stockings. Maybe Santa will bring something pink. Maybe there will be two extra little people in my bed, all cozy under blankets, reading The Night Before Christmas with me. I sure hope so.

Have you read anything about Liberia yet? Have you seen the pictures? Have you read their stories? You should.

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Brandi said...

Have you read anything on Liberia yet? I LOVED Blue Clay People!! I also have a blog from missionaries in Liberia that I read often and email back and forth with them.