Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I received a copy of our completed home study this week! It's on the way to Lighthouse. Now that we have a completed home study I can start applying for grants.

I'm SOOOOO ready to be done with this dossier. Some of the requirements have changed so we have to redo some things we thought were already done. My goal is to have it all in the mail next Monday.

Apply for grants, complete dossier, complete our I-600A...all of this should be tricky with one mommy and three little boys who are trying to get over the flu.

We have the PBS video "Liberia: America's Stepchild" at our house right now. I haven't watched it yet, but would love some company for a movie night if anyone is interested.


Brandi said...

Hi! I just came across your blog from your comment on Julie's! Nice to meet you. I love hearing other people's adoption stories and watching God at work!


julie said...

I HONESTLY cannot believe Brandi beat me here too. She is the comment queen! I just wanted to say hi and let you know you can email me to talk anytime....You will love Liberia...America's Stepchild. I have it too. I watch it every now and then. Especially when I get homesick for Liberia!!!
Glad to hear dossier is over and application is here. Referral next. Will be watching.

Kamina said...

I came across your blog last night. It doesn't sound like you are in Colorado. We are working with Lighthouse also. We have been waiting for a referral for our Liberian adoption for a long time. Glad to hear that you are moving through the paperwork stages. Nice to meet you online.