Monday, March 10, 2008

Due to the Blizzard of 2008, our fingerprinting will now be on Wednesday at 8:00am.

I talked with Diana from Lighthouse on the phone this weekend. She has not mailed our dossier to Acres yet, and may not be able to until our I-171H approval. We talked about finances as well. We owe a fee right now, again, it is the EXACT amount that we have in our adoption savings account. We will not owe any more money until we receive the referral of our children. At that time we will owe a tremendous amount of money. I told Eric yesterday that I believe that when the time comes for us to pay for the completion of this adoption, the money will be there again.

I continue to prepare myself for a long referral wait. Who knows, maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. But, it seems very likely to me that this will be another time to learn more about waiting on God's timing.

That's all the adoption news I have for now...

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Johnson said...

I wish I could say that the waiting gets easier. Our dossier has been in Liberia since July and no referral. I haven't heard of many people getting referrals lately either with the temporary hold on adoptions.