Friday, April 4, 2008

Just to clarify...

I know I just posted...but to clarify a bit about the current situation our family is dealing with, I'm posting again. Also, this is important for recording our story that we'll look back on later. I just got off the phone with Lighthouse. Yes, our dossier will soon be sent to Acres (after I get this a few missing documents, so frustrating). However, we are officially "on hold" as a Lighthouse family with Acres. My understanding of this is that we will not be receiving a referral until the new legislation is passed in Liberia. This safeguards us in many ways, especially financially. It was a good conversation and I felt like I was given clear, honest communication. Yes, we are optimistic, but we are cautious as well. We're moving forward in a way, but at the same time standing still and waiting. I was able to talk with them about our Plan B if the worst were to happen. After a really long week, I feel like I was just given some of the help I needed to establish boundaries that are wise for our family. Unfortunately, my mouth is full of canker sores and my jaw is killing me because I've been clenching my teeth all week.

That's the adoption update of the hour. My poor mother has literally gotten a phone call every hour this week!

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Johnson said...

Hang in there. There are a lot of families in the same boat with you. The waiting can get old and frustrating, but God will bring your girls to you.