Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Last night I emailed a good friend and ask her to pray for me. This was her response. I'm posting it here because maybe someone else needs to hear these words as well. I sure needed to today. Thank you friend for your love and prayers...

i have been praying for you guys and will continue throughout today.

it's so hard to remember God and his power sometimes.

in the midst of our daily demands that call our attention all
over the place...our interactions with all of creation and
trying to make sense of it all.

i want to encourage you to take a minute alone.
take as many deep breaths as needed and meditate
that this too--isn't too big for God.

He knows what's going on. He calls us unto Himself and
says not to worry--but to bring everything unto him. this
is where our soul finds rest. this is where he promises his
peace. He doesn't want your soul to be uneasy and anxious.

i honestly don't mean to be preaching at you--it comes from
a sincere hope that peace will be over your soul today.

i love you, kerri.
all will be well,
all will be well,
all will be well.

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Brandi said...

The hardest times cause us the most intimacy with our Jesus. For that, rest in peace knowing that this is a special time with your Lord!