Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I've always believed in Christmas magic. Seriously, I was that kid in 6th grade who knew in my head that there was no Santa, but my heart still thought that just maybe he was real. Last night we got a bit of our own Christmas magic. We have now received an official referral for our baby girl, Nana. I'll be posting pictures soon, but I want to make sure it's okay to do that first.

Friends, your prayers and support have meant the world to us through this process and now we need them even more. Now it's time to pray her home!

By the way...we went back and bought the doll.


Amy Lynn said...

We are rejoicing in your great news today!
Mike & Amy Murphy

Sarah said...

What a Christmas gift! I am so happy for you! I'll be keeping your Nana in m7 prayers.
Yeah! Praise God!

James said...

Totally sweet!

Alie said...

so exciting for you guys! What wonderful Christmas news!