Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We have decided it would be best to not post pictures of our new daughter on line at this time. Instead I will be working on a New Year's letter that I'll be sending out which will include a picture of Nana. I'll be using snail mail for this, so if I don't have your home address and you would like a more complete update and picture, leave it in the comments section here or email me at kerristetler@gmail.com

At this point in time, things seem to be moving forward as they should be. We're praying this continues.

Please continue to pray for our daughter and for her caretakers. This past week our family joined the rest of the Stetler gang at Fort Rapids, an indoor water park. Riley and I were standing at the very top looking down at all the water. I asked my son to stop and pray with me, that his sister would have clean drinking water this week. We take so much for granted here. We were literally playing in our extreme abundance, while so many simply need a new well. Join with our family, as we all anticipate the arrival of our daughter from Africa, and educate yourself on life in Africa.


Jenni Sieg said...

Praise God! I am happy for you guys, and happy for this little girl who will be joining your family. What good news!

Margaret said...

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