Friday, January 16, 2009

Our passports arrived in the mail today. I sure am ready to use them. This baby girl is all I can think about tonight.

I haven't forgotten our New Year's letter, it just might be more like a Happy Valentine's Day letter. We've had quite a week with Eric's accident and I'm a little behind.

Sweet Baby Girl,
Your mommy already loves you and can't wait to hold you. Your big brothers pray for you every night. Tonight the two year old prayed, "Dear Jesus, please be with baby Nana way way way out there." They ask about you all the time. We pray Jesus holds you tight tonight, that your dreams are sweet and peaceful. We pray that you will remain safe and healthy until you are in our arms. We pray for your caretakers, that they give you all the love and attention they possibly can. Some day soon, sweet girl, you will be home. What a party we will have then!

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Anonymous said...

hi carrie and eric,
i am stephen richey-suttles, formerly of shepherd church. my dad was pastor there. i am also a friend of your mom. she told me about your blog. i will be watching how the adoption unfolds. nana and nanna.... now that's a pair!!