Sunday, February 8, 2009

Last Sunday my grandmother reminded me of some very important words a friend had said to us in December. This man is a friend of our family who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Grandma and I saw him in December and we were sharing with him that we had been praying daily for his healing. He appreciated our prayers and then said, "This isn't my battle to fight. It never has been. It's His." My grandma thought it might be best for me to focus on those words from Marvin. I did, and it brought such freedom this week. It's Sunday again and I need to remind myself again that this week will be full of so much joy, peace, and freedom if I can refuse to take back what I've given over to God.

Friends, it's so true. This is not my battle to fight. I love this little girl already, but how much more does her Creator love her. I already want to fight for her, but how much more does He.


Sarah said...

Thank you for sharing this. Your friend is spot on. I will have to remind myself of his wise words when I'm feeling down.

Anonymous said...

you grandma is a wise woman (assuming the woman to which you refer is jean wolfe). she was an integral part of my growing up years. and one of my favorite bible school teachers!

kerri said...

Yes, Jean Wolfe is a wise woman. I took my boys out to her retirement home for dinner tonight, they love going because the dessert cart comes out after dinner! She is a very special part of my life.